Lee County teachers return to classrooms; how they’ll prepare for students

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Lee County teachers return to their classrooms Tuesday for a school year unlike any other.

They haven’t walked the halls since March, and when teachers step back into their schools, they’re going to begin preparing for a very unique situation.

The principal of South Fort Myers High School, Ed Matthews, said over that over the next couple of weeks, teachers will have to get acclimated to a new normal, which includes placing classes of core subjects next to each other to limit foot traffic, removing excess furniture from classrooms to promote social distancing, and placing a stronger emphasis on technology.

We’re seeing more and more the value of doing virtual,” Matthews said. “What’s good about it, what are things we can improve on. Just being able to use technology in general. I think some of us, just off of old practices, maybe we just haven’t

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Free internet for Houston students who qualify for free/reduced lunch | Education

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Houston County Superintendent of Education David Sewell announced Tuesday students who received free/reduced lunches will qualify for free internet through Alabama Broadband Connectivity for students. This free program is made possible through Gov. Kay Ivey.

“Students who qualified for free/reduced lunch in Houston County will receive free internet service,” Sewell said. “This is available to all students who qualified, not just students who will participate in virtual learning.”

Letters will be mailed out to parents next week on instructions to follow in order to receive the free service.

“Again, this is absolutely free for the students,” Sewell said. “Students will receive this service free through Dec.31.”

Sewell urges parents to pay attention to the mail in order to receive this free offer.

The letter will have a voucher number listed on right side of the letter, and the voucher number will be required in order to receive the free service.

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Gadgets takeover: Faceless learning in the midst of a pandemic

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THE BALANCE to continue learning amid a worldwide pandemic has pushed educators to innovate.

As the entire sector battles to educate, the virus eliminated precious face-to-face learning in exchange for the safety of learners.

Baguio universities and colleges face a new challenge to bring quality education despite restrictions, in a city known as the education center of the North, serving thousands of students.

University of the Philippines-Baguio (UPB) Chancellor Raymond Rovillos said the higher education sector is challenged and forced to adopt and adapt to virtual learning as a mode of delivering instruction and learning.

“I am for blended learning, which is a mix of virtual learning and face to face learning, but because of this pandemic, we still cannot do blended learning. Being forced to use virtual learning capacitates the university to this mode of teaching and learning , which is really going to be the University of

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PS5 Pre-Order Registration Page Appears on PlayStation Website

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Pre-orders for the PS5 could finally be going live soon if some new action on Sony’s end is any indication.

Well, the time has finally come to sign-up for PS5 pre-orders. Uhh, sort of.

Sony made some changes to the official PlayStation 5 section of its website recently that now allows users to register for the option to pre-order the next-gen console when it becomes available. The site doesn’t indicate when the PS5 itself will become purchasable in this manner, but hey, at least its some sort of progress.

Those who want to sign-up to pre-order the PS5 will then be randomly selected to buy one directly from Sony when the raffle happens. Invitations themselves aren’t

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