N.J. high school senior giving back to students with free computer science lessons

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For West Windsor teen Samvit Agarwal, it started off with a love for computer science.

It turned into 300 volunteers, 250 students and plenty of happy parents.

Agarwal’s non-profit organization, CS Remastered, guides kids from grades 3 to 12 with free computer science education. It has been the goal of the organization since it was launched in late 2018, but the coronavirus pandemic has made Agarwal and his team of volunteers more driven to give back.

“I’ve been interested in technology for a long time and I began by helping kids in the neighborhood out with their technical projects,” the 17-year-old student said. “I felt as though a lot of kids were interested in technology but didn’t have the resources to start. I figured it would be great to create a program for kids to learn computer science and technology directly through CS Remastered.

“Before the pandemic, we taught in

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Namecheap Offers Free 20 Minute Virtual Class On Internet Basics for Students & Online Novices

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Entry-level lesson covering domains, web hosting, SSL and online security; Plus, most teachers & students with .edu email addresses eligible for FREE .me domain and website builder to create a first website!

PHOENIX, Sept. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Namecheap, the world’s second-largest domain registrar and leading provider of online products and services, today unveiled a virtual class lesson aimed at students and online novices. The free 20-minute YouTube video lesson covers the “Internet basics”, and everything someone would need to know to launch their first website. Additionally, through Namecheap for Education’s NC.ME initiative, almost all students and teachers in the US are eligible for a free .me domain, web builder and more — so that teachers and students can create websites together.  

Namecheap’s “The Internet Basics You Need to Launch Your First Website” covers three main aspects of websites:

  • Domains: What is a domain name? How does DNS
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12 Important Gadgets for Your Online Classes

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Online Classes


With the pandemic still surging in various countries, many government around the world are imposing lockdown and quarantine procedure to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

The Covid-19 Impact on Schools

Hundreds of thousands of schools in various countries will be teaching their students remotely. From early learning pre-schools to well-renowned engineering universities, teachers and students are preparing for the largest online distance learning in the history of mankind. The distance online classes also includes thousands of training centers for professional and skilled workers.

Video Streaming to the Rescue

Most of the classes this year will take place over video streaming platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, Webex and other video conferencing platforms. The assignments of students will be uploaded via apps. Most of the traditional schools are learning to adapt on how to upload, check and manage each students activity online and apps.


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New website aims to help you cut back on ‘doomscrolling’

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‘Doomscrolling’ refers to reading endless bad stories online.

“Doomscrolling,” also known as “doomsurfing,” refers to the practice of surfing or scrolling through bad news headlines on the internet, even if those stories create unpleasant or unhealthy feelings.

Google reported a spike in searches for the term this past July.

“It’s definitely come into more popular usage in the last five months or so,” said Ben Grosser, an artist and professor at the University of Illinois. He first noticed his own doomscrolling in March, amid the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Once we had shelter-in-place here in the state of Illinois, I found myself sleeping even less than usual. … Staying up late into the night, reading the news, waking up earlier than I intended, and immediately going back to the news. Such

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