Internet Speed Test – HTML5 Speed Test

What does this HTML5 speed test do? This speed test will test your Internet connection

What does this HTML5 speed test do?

This speed test will test your Internet connection speed, including a significant amount of additional information such as latency/ping, jitter, download speed, upload speed, buffer bloat, and packet loss, in order to provide you a detailed report on what type of services your connection can support. These services include VoIP (voice over IP), live video streaming such as YouTube or Netflix, gaming, and more. Unlike most speed tests, the SourceForge speed test does not require Flash or Java, and instead uses more universally compatible HTML5, which allows the test to run on all devices including tablets or smartphones. While the speed test is running, the Internet speed meters will animate. These Internet speedometers will provide information about your Internet connection speed in realtime.

If you’re interested in a license for this HTML5 speed test for use on your own website, please click the Question Icon icon in the testing window.

What makes my connection VoIP capable? First, you should test your internet to see what speeds you are currently running in your home or office. If you receive a satisfactory result, then great! You are ready for a VoIP service. An unsatisfactory result, however, can be remedied by checking and performing the following steps:

  • 1

    Check the total number of devices on your network. The larger the number of devices on your network, the more competition there is for your bandwidth. This is often referred to as “network congestion.”
    You can monitor your network using network monitoring software.

  • 2

    Inspect your wiring. Poor results can occur due to loose connections or old wiring in your network.

  • 3

    Update your hardware. Out of date devices (like modems and routers) can significantly slow down your connection.

We aim to provide you with detailed results so that you can know your speed, quality of connection, frequency of data packets, and other pertinent information. Our test is structured so that you can better understand how your current Internet connection functions and whether or not it is currently VoIP-capable.

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