What is KentuckyWired, and why does the sate want it so bad?


The Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet is investing $8 million to help create affordable internet access for low-income families of K-12 students in areas without service, Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman announced Tuesday.

Coleman, who also serves as secretary of the cabinet, said by Sept. 15, through a request for proposal, the cabinet will identify internet service providers that will supply high-speed internet service for all K-12 students in low-income homes at no more than $10 per month for the next two to three school years.

“COVID-19 has certainly created its own set of challenges, but it has compounded old ones,” Coleman said. “One of those old challenges that Kentucky continues to face is the digital divide that impacts our kids often in low-income communities.”

Five percent of Kentucky’s K-12 students — or about 32,000 children