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MVES Technology Mission Statement

 With the understanding that the use of technology will be an integral part of our students’ lives, it is Mesa View Elementary School’s responsibility to prepare students for this future.  Our classrooms must have the equipment, technology, and technical support to allow teachers to use technology in their everyday lessons.  As we integrate technology, we will support the teaching and learning that promotes intellectual growth and lifelong learning for students and staff. 
The technology mission of Mesa View Elementary School is to provide equitable access for all students and staff to technological resources. These resources promote the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills that are required for students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a technologically complex, multicultural, and global environment.  This mission includes the use of technology to enhance, preserve and highlight Dine’ language, culture and traditional teaching philosophies.

MVES Technology Vision

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Elementary Technology Curriculum – Technology Curriculum

Kindergarten Lessons

These are the lessons titles you will find the in this resource:

Rules and Procedures

  1. How to’s
  2. Parts of the Computer
  3. How to use the Internet

Mouse Practice

  1. Mouse Practice 1-11
  2. Mouse and Spacebar 1-2

Keyboard Practice

  1. Keyboard Introduction
  2. Keyboard Arrows 1-4
  3. Keyboarding 1-2
  4. Sequencing, 2 lessons

ELA Practice

  1. Spelling Words
  2. Sight Words
  3. Typing Sight Words

Math Practice

  1. Math Practice 1-6

Internet Safety

  1. Internet Safety 1-5

1st Grade Lessons

These are the lesson titles you will find in this resource:

Rules and Procedures
1.How to’s
2.Computer Parts
3.How to use the Internet
4.Save to Favorites
Mouse and Keyboard Practice
1.Mouse Practice
2.Keyboard Arrows
3.Memory Match
4.Paint and Make
5.Alphabet Order
Internet Safety
1. Internet Safety 1-4
Computers and Academics
1.Math with Computers 1 and 2
2.Addition Game
3.Reading with Computers 1 and 2
Word Processing
1.MS Word 1-4
2.Typing Practice
3.Writing with Computers
Presentation Software
1.PowerPoint 1-3

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