LILEKS (James)

Welcome! If this is your first visit, you might be a bit
confused. There’s a certain homogeneous look to personal /
promotional websites, based on popular WordPress
templates. The big hero image, the sidebar, the boxes with
icons and big text, all that crap. Or there’s something
quite spare, with a picture of the host in a circle.

What is this thing?

Simple: The anteroom of the internet’s most diverse,
idiosyncratic, and individually curated pop-culture
museum. Note: that’s the last time I’ll use “curated.”
It’s pretentious.

But it’s true! I am pretentious. Also, this site is a
one-man effort, assembled over two decades, its
innumerable sub-sites gathered together under general,
vague rubrics.

It’s not some idle project, occasionally updated. The
Bleat, a blog that’s celebrating its 21st year, contains a
M-F essay, some piece of old commercial ephemera, a
rotating feature on everything from cliffhanger serials to
old radio to

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