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Mick Jones Nicked My Pudding


Get the new song MICK JONES NICKED MY PUDDING and the b-side JAMES CONNOLLY directly from the band – not available anywhere else !!

Mick Jones Lyrics

Someone’s always out to piss on your parade
Someone’s always ruining your day
You gotta beware, there’s strange ducks out there
I’m telling you, it’s all I gotta say

Yeah, never mind singing about police on your back
You’re a shady geezer looking for a snack
You might think someone’s cool, till they play you like a fool
Put the spoon down or you’ll get a smack

Oi! Mick Jones nicked my pudding
Oi! Mick Jones leave my pudding alone

Life ain’t always fair when your hero breaks your heart
I was really in denial from the start
I owned all his records, he didn’t even care
The least he could’ve done was share

Resentment it’s a killer,

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