Sticky Notes Online Windows 7/ Vista Sidebar Gadget

Destiny Viator

  • Installing

  • If the gadget is installed as a download from or the Windows Live Gallery,
    it will directly install in the Vista Sidebar, however if the user deletes and then
    wishes to reinstall the gadget, the user can find the gadget listed in the List
    of Sidebar Gadgets.


  • Welcome Message

  • When the gadget is first installed the user is presented with the following one-time
    Welcome Message


  • Notes Window
  • The Main Notes Window where the user can write notes is shown below

    On moving the mouse out of the notes gadget the Login/Register links, the note position
    and all the add, delete, previous, next buttons are hidden as shown below

    On undocking (moving the gadget outside the Sidebar), the Notes Gadget becomes bigger
    in size as shown below


  • Buttons
  • The buttons at the bottom allow the user to do the following:-
    ADD – Add

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