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The new look of iOS 7 is sparse, almost plain in spots, without fake leather, fake woodgrain, fake green felt and fake yellow note paper.Credit

Updated to clarify how to access the Spotlight search screen.

The big Apple news this week might seem to be the new iPhones. But truth be told, the bigger news is iOS 7.

This is the free software update for iPhones (iPhone 4 and later), iPads (iPad 2 and later) and iPod Touches (fifth generation). It’s a radical, huge redesign. Its master architect was Jonathan Ive, the
Apple designer who has brought us astonishing hardware designs for many years; now, for the first time, he’s been put in charge of a whole software universe.

The look of iOS 7 is sparse, white — almost plain in spots. No more fake leather, fake woodgrain, fake green felt, fake yellow note paper. It’s all blue

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Ha!  I hate clickbait blog titles, but I couldn’t help myself with this one.  If you don’t mind (or thoroughly enjoy- no one is judging here) a lot of foul mouthed talk, and you want to make some plant-based recipes that are made with good, simple ingrinets, then you need to get your @$$ clicking and order Thug Kitchen: Party Grub.  
A few years ago, a friend sent me one of the man hilarious, and profanity filled, Thug Kitchen memes, with links to recipes.  The food was simple, clean-eating, and plant-based.  It wasn’t about the word Vegan at the forefront, just about good food, and the bonus was it was vegan.  These writers garnered a nice following on social media, and it was from all kinds of people, not just vegans.  Their recipes appeal to just about anyone with a sense of humor and taste buds.  A friend sent
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