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Presto’s Sidebar Clock (Preston Hunt)

Windows Gadget: Presto’s Sidebar Clock
A Vista/Windows 7 gadget to elegantly display the current date and time (with optional time zone support).
FeedbackBy Preston Hunt, 08 April 2007


Presto’s Sidebar Clock is a gadget for the Windows 7 and Windows Vista sidebar. Windows 8 and Windows 10 users can use 8GadgetPack to run the clock. (I do not have plans to make a native Windows 8 app; please see the reason why in the Enhancements section of this page.)

The clock elegantly displays the current date and time (with optional time zone). The clock is available in two sizes and can automatically change color based on the sunrise and sunset times of the selected timezone.

Download and install gadget now (v1.86)!

Microsoft browsers (Internet Explorer and Edge) do not install this gadget correctly. Use any other browser and it should work.

29 supported languages: Afrikaans, Български, Català, Čeština,

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