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Overview of site contents. Includes site map, glossary, and quick start checklist.


Contains information about keywords, on page SEO, link building, and social interaction.


Tips on how to buy traffic from search engines.


Learn how to track your success with organic SEO and PPC ads. Includes information about web analytics.


Creating a credible website is core to being linkworthy and selling to customers.


Learn how to make money from your websites.

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Exclusive member only interviews.


Coupons and offers to help you save money promoting your websites.

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Continuous Professional Learning for Early Childhood Educators: Responsive Relationships

By: Diane Kashin, Ed.D, RECE When I went into self-isolation, I was worried about what I would do to keep myself motivated and busy. I wondered whether I could keep blogging in this time of COVID-19. I wrote one post, Early Childhood Education: Making Sense of Our Life’s Course but didn’t know what to write … Continue reading

Continuous Professional Learning for Early Childhood Educators: Process Art

By: Diane Kashin, Ed.D, RECE As I sit in isolation on my couch, trying to make sense of our current circumstances, I wanted to reach out to early childhood educators, to provide some free professional learning. I feel like it is the least I can do for other early childhood educators. I am a proud to … Continue reading

Early Childhood Education: Making Sense of our Life’s Course

By: Diane Kashin, Ed.D, RECE  Exactly two years ago, I was in Reggio Emilia, Italy attending a study tour, enjoying the deep thinking, dialogue, food, drink and ambience with cherished friends.

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Technology News, Tech Product Reviews, Research and Enterprise Analysis

2020 Data Analytics Trends

Two leading data analytics experts share insights on trends – and best practices – in the year ahead.

VM Use Cases and Future Trends

A VMware product manager talks about the current state of virtual machines: challenges, uses cases, and VM’s future.

Ubuntu 19.04 Makes Linux a Snap

eWEEK VIDEO: Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical and Ubuntu, outlines new open-source innovations that are coming in the Ubuntu 19.04 “Disco Dingo” Linux distribution release.

How BlackBerry Has Become a Cyber-Security Player

eWEEK VIDEO: BlackBerry CTO Charles Eagan explains where his company’s cyber-security efforts are headed and why, after 35 years and many technological changes, BlackBerry is fundamentally on…

Why McAfee Is Integrating AI Into Next Gen Security

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