Foreo UFO Light Therapy for skin review

Destiny Viator

foreo skin UFO, laser, light, therapy, LED, color, vibration, review, how to, does it workOur skin is the biggest organ in our body—and it’s the mask we wear every day in all our interactions, so it only makes sense we should take good care of it. Plus, while you can cut and colour your hair or buy a new sweater, your skin is with you for life. A new device from skin and beauty gadgeteers Foreo allows you to treat your skin to moisturizing, relaxing and decadent facials, with the power of technology built in. The new Foreo UFO uses light, heat and cooling, and ultrasonic vibrations to administer quick 90 second facial treatments designed to leave your skin softer, healthier and more glowing.  Does it work? I tried the device for a few weeks in my home to find out.

What is Foreo UFO?

Foreo UFO is a small puck-shaped, hand-held device designed to intensify the use of special Korean-formulated beauty masks. The

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