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Why Is My Internet So Slow? What Can I Do to Fix It?

Stop Background Programs That Hog Bandwidth

Photo of monitor while downloading a file from the 'Internet to My Computer'. Visible RGB cells, custom screen written in VB.

spxChrome/Getty Images

Some software applications, like Windows Update and other software updaters, run background processes that are hidden behind other apps or minimized to the system tray, where they quietly consume network resources. Unlike worms, these applications are designed to do useful work and should not be removed from the device.

Games and other programs that work with video require significant bandwidth and therefore, when running, will limit bandwidth that’s available for other apps. It’s easy to forget that things like these are running. Check your computer for background network activity as you troubleshoot the slow network.

But don’t forget other network activity that could be impacting overall bandwidth. Even if they’re not communicating directly with each other, things like a smart TV streaming movies, a camera constantly relaying HD video, and smart speakers playing music, can make everything on the network slow.


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