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Internet Talk Radio is growing exponentially. TalkZone is leading this growth.

Recent figures show that 160 million US Internet users now listen to online radio regularly. Millions more listen around the world.  TalkZone offers this fast growing Internet audience high quality talk programming. We’re a true Professional Podcast Platform, where outstanding hosts present quality spoken word shows to a growing audience of loyal listeners. 

If you’ve ever visited an amateur blog talk site or vanity talk show site, we think you’ll find TalkZone a refreshing change. Our rapid growth is the result of our commitment to top quality sound, talented hosts, advanced technology, and intelligent site design.  

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We’re always searching for new hosts who have a passion for doing their shows. TalkZone provides a full array of services: advanced web streaming technology,  mobile apps for

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I want a gadget that does this: Open Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

Re: I want a gadget that does this


Trevor Carpenter wrote:

When I am shooting macros on a flat surface I would like a tool like this to assist me. I want something that starts as a flat pane B-C or A2 to C but very easily moves to be A to C with a number of incremental steps en-route. The camera will sit on the A to C plane preferably supported at the C/bottom end. I currently achieve the same purpose with some balancing of objects but nothing I use easily moves from the lower to the upper plane . If i am shooting, insects sudden movement is not a good thing. I feel there must be a commonly used object or a specialised item that will do this for me but I can’t think of anything. Any ideas.

For tabletop close-ups, I’ve

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The Singapore Gadget Talk Show

Yale Look Door Viewer: Box front view

[HANDS-ON] My brother-in-law acquired the Yale Look Door Viewer yesterday in an attempt to make his home smarter and as well monitor what is happening outside his door.

Yale Look Door Viewer is essentially a door viewer on steroids. Replacing the traditional door viewer, the device allows you to video chat to whoever is at the door via the Yale Look App with a 720p camera and live motion detection at your door providing snapshots/videos.

Yale Look Door Viewer: Box back view

It is an intriguing gadget because it seems to be a cross between a CCTV camera and a door walkie talkie you see at some condominium and on top of it, it offers video chat.

My time with the door viewer started with the installation process for the viewer to be mounted to the door. It is safe to say not

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