Making both our teachers and students future-ready

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a person sitting at a desk in front of a computer: In most online classes, a child is usually immobile. This is not very different from a child sitting in a traditional classroom.

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In most online classes, a child is usually immobile. This is not very different from a child sitting in a traditional classroom.

By Noora Noushad

About 65% of children entering primary schools may end up working in job types that don’t yet exist-in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the skills needed are innovation, design thinking, technological fluency, heightened social emotional learning. The future of work is ever-evolving-right now coding is the new literacy, it could be machine learning tomorrow and bioinformatics or epistemic cognition the day after. The only thing we can do is build students’ ability to thrive in a world of constant change.

In the age of technology in education (edtech), we need to place education ahead of technology-go back to the drawing board to see where tech can truly influence educational outcomes. Adaptive learning is good, but great content comes first. Gamification

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Sarasota teachers unhappy teaching in-person and remote students

Ryan McKinnon
| Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Teachers in the Sarasota County School District are widely dissatisfied with a new requirement for them to provide both in-person and remote instruction, and district leaders are working on adding preparation time for teachers into the school calendar in the coming months in response.

Surveys conducted by both the teachers’ union and the School District showed that teachers feel overworked. On Tuesday, district spokesman Craig Maniglia confirmed that the administration was working on plans to give students one day off in October and November to allow teachers more time to prepare.

“The majority of the problems we are hearing is they don’t have the physical time to do this,” said Sarasota Classified/Teachers Association President Pat Gardner said. “They are working nights, Saturdays, Sundays, not even seeing their own kids anymore.”

Administrators developed the new model, referred to as “concurrent instruction,” over the summer to provide

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Email app Superhuman adds a cheaper plan for students and teachers

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Superhuman for Education

Superhuman for Education

Premium email client Superhuman has introduced a cheaper plan for teachers and students. Superhuman for Education costs $10 per month instead of the usual $30, and it’s open to those with active school email addresses.

Superhuman is all about helping people to zip through their inbox “twice as fast,” according to the company. It offers features including a calendar built into your inbox, timed reminders to follow up on emails and send later options.

In addition, Superhuman has a split inbox function, which it says allows people to “organize their inbox by class, extracurricular activities, important contacts, or tools, such as Google Docs.” It also draws insights about

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Helping students, parents and teachers cope with virtual learning

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Emotional Reintegration is a program to help adapt to a new normal with virtual learning as anxiety overload causes stress on students and parents this school year.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The beginning of a new school year is a stressful time for almost everyone. But when you add in a pandemic, virtual classes, technology problems, and social distancing it’s anxiety overload for both parents and students alike.

“We’re helping them deal with what’s going on right now real-time and emotionally,” Dr. Gigi Hamilton said.

Gigi Hamilton, founder of Personal Enrichment Counseling & Consulting Services in Charlotte, and Sherry Latten of Latten & Associates created the Emotional Reintegration program.

“It’s designed to help deal with emotions that people have gone through since March,” Dr. Hamilton said.

The three-hour program guides administrators, teachers, and students of all ages through a multi-step process that includes Acknowledging, Reconnecting, and Cultivating.

“It’s highly interactive it’s

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Teachers: ‘Taking the COVID bullet’ for their students | Education | Savannah News, Events, Restaurants, Music

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“I’M really grateful for Dr. Levett,” says Rebecca Greenbush, a science teacher at Oglethorpe Charter School, about the Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools Superintendent. 

“Her support of science has kept my family safe so far.  I am frightened to return too soon,” says Greenbush.

“Science is always hands-on, lab class and e-learning has not changed that! We just did our first lab last week and it went great! It does require parent support though, getting items like candy to make rocks, or sugar to make crystals, but so far the parents have been wonderful in supporting these types of experiences,” she says.

“Adjusting my instruction to a virtual mode of delivery has challenged me to get creative and really take a look at how to structure the class so that the student’s screen time is monitored and meaningful. 

“What I miss the most is seeing the students each day. I love

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Racial stereotypes color how teachers view tech in class

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Schools that rely on remote learning during the pandemic are trying to ensure that all kids have the devices and internet bandwidth they need. While important, it takes more than everyone having comparable equipment and working Wi-Fi for all children to get an equal shot.

In my new book based on the sociological research I conducted at three middle schools before the COVID-19 pandemic, I explain how even if all students could get the same hardware and software, it would fail to even the academic playing field.

I saw many technologies used in unequal ways. And I observed teachers responding differently to students’ digital skills depending on the race or ethnicity and economic status of most of their students.

Learning from digital play

Previous research by a team of University of California researchers found that young people gain basic digital skills just from playing with friends online. This includes the

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Ed Markey, Boston Teachers Union push for more internet access for students learning at home amid coronavirus

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There’s no school this fall without the internet, but as remote learning gets underway in districts across Massachusetts and kicks off in Boston on Monday, not every student has access to a network.

“Right now we’re trying to connect students with 60- or 90-day free trials with Wi-Fi access. But what happens after those free trials end?” Boston Teachers Union president Jessica Tang said on Friday.

Even among students who do have access to the internet, some have such poor connections that they’re “dropping in and out,” she added. “Obviously that’s a major disruption to remote learning.”

U.S. Sen. Edward Markey is calling for $4 billion in the next round of coronavirus relief funding to change that.

“The internet is like oxygen for young people and their education,” Markey said Friday, appearing with Tang outside the Boston Teachers Union Pilot School in Jamaica Plain. “If the internet is not made

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Back to school an adjustment for teachers, students around state

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After months of intensive planning for students to return to classrooms as safely as possible in the current pandemic, many schools in Maine reopened to students last week. We stopped in to see how it’s going.

Mt. Blue Middle School, Farmington, Regional School Unit 9

School librarian Sherry Wyman teaches sixth-grade students how to access the library website during language arts class at Mt. Blue Middle School in Farmington on Thursday. Daryn Slover/Sun Journal Buy this Photo

The hallways at Mt. Blue Middle School in Farmington were quiet and empty. Orange markers painted on the floor reminded students to practice social distancing and flat screen TVs mounted to the walls streamed COVID-19 notices.

Sixth grade teacher Tracy Knapp sat in front of her laptop, alone in her classroom with her head sandwiched between a model of the Earth and the sun as she lectured her online students.

The middle school

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Imee calls on Customs to donate seized gadgets to teachers, students

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Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 17) — Senator Imee Marcos on Thursday urged the Bureau of Customs to donate millions of pesos worth of confiscated gadgets such as cellphones and laptops to teachers and students in need of them.

Marcos said the bureau recorded 29.5 tons of such items as of August this year that were just sitting in Customs warehouses due to lack of proper documentation when they can be distributed amid pandemic and make life easier for struggling students and teachers.

“I hope they would just donate them to the students and teachers who are having the hardest time trying to comply with the online education requirements,” she told CNN Philippines’ News Night.

Marcos said an average family with three kids would need about P25,000 to acquire second hand laptops and internet connection for distance learning, which will start on Oct. 5 for public schools.

She added that

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Parents, Teachers Benefit from Smart’s Back-to-School Gadget Sale

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For 35-year old Mylene Dela Peña, a mother of three students, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a new challenge because her children now have shift to distance learning.

“We need gadgets. Even though the students have modules, we still need connectivity when we talk to teachers through messaging apps. We need to invest in their online learning,” she shared.

Mylene’s sari-sari store, where she sells Smart e-load, earns just enough to supplement her husband’s income and help in the household expenses. That’s why she was delighted when she found out about Smart’s Back-to-School Gadget Sale, where she was able to buy a smartphone at a discounted rate.

“We were able to get our money’s worth and more,” she said.

Together with different device partner stores and distributors all over the country, Smart Communications, Inc. offered discounted rates on smartphones, laptops, and tablets bundled with Smart Bro LTE Pocket Wi-Fi and

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