TPG ADSL and ADSL2+ Broadband Off-Net Plans

Destiny Viator

Minimum total cost for Broadband Off-Net plans
over contract term calculated as: (contract term) x ($broadband monthly access charge) + setup. Early termination fees apply.

~ The actual speeds may vary due to many factors such as your
distance from your local telephone exchange, the quality of your copper
phone line and broadband equipment. Acceptable connection speed rate for
ADSL Off-Net 8M plan is minimum 880kbps/136kbps (down/up stream) and
ADSL2+ Off-Net plans is minimum 900kbps/150kbps (down/up stream).


Wi-Fi Modem – $99.95

A $10 delivery fee applies if equipments are not collected from TPG’s Head Office. All equipment will be delivered in one package.

Monthly Usage Quota and Speed Shaping

1GB (Gigabyte) = 1000 MB (Megabyte). Unused usage quota forfeited
each month.

1Consists of peak (8am-2am) and off peak (2am-8am) monthly
usage quota. Speed will be shaped to 128K/64K for the period in which
the monthly usage quota

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