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Unraid/Home Gadget Geeks Live Show – Announcements



Thanks to @theaverageguy for asking my question – https://youtu.be/FnFcaKNF268?t=3508


And @jonp for the reply.

That’s brilliant news about the new Cloud backup feature for the unRAID Flash device.  Being able to get over that first hurdle of getting back to a working system after a problem will be a big help.

Will the Cloud backup contain only the current backup of the unRAID Flash device, or will you be able to go back 1 week, 1 month –  to allow you to restore the last known good configuration?


On the more general point of Array/ user data backup. Right now I’m trying to get a friend onto unRAID but was met with a blank facial expression after talking through all the different backup options. Its great from a tinkerer point-of-view like myself. For a regular user its just too much to absorb and get something reliable working.


There needs to

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