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Demographics of Internet and Home Broadband Usage in the United States


The internet represents a fundamental shift in how Americans connect with one another, gather information and conduct their day-to-day lives. For more than 15 years, Pew Research Center has documented its growth and distribution in the United States. Explore the patterns of internet and home broadband adoption below.

Internet use over time

When Pew Research Center began systematically tracking Americans’ internet usage in early 2000, about half of all adults were already online. Today, nine-in-ten American adults use the internet.

Year U.S. adults
2000 52%
2001 55%
2002 59%
2003 61%
2004 63%
2005 68%
2006 71%
2007 74%
2008 74%
2009 76%
2010 76%
2011 79%
2012 83%
2013 84%
2014 84%
2015 86%
2016 88%
2018 89%
2019 90%

Pew Research Center

Who uses the internet

For some demographic groups – such as young adults, college graduates and those from

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WildBlue World : Usage Gadget FAQs


Here’s everything you need to know.

Please note: This chart is updated periodically and may not reflect your most recent usage. Though not common, it can take up to 24 hours to update the chart. Please use this only as a guide to help monitor your usage totals. Usage is measured within a 30-day rolling period and does not correspond with your billing cycle.

WildBlue Bandwidth Usage Gadget for Google Start Page

The WildBlue Usage Gadget looks like this.

What is the WildBlue Bandwidth Usage Gadget?
It’s a tool you can add to your WildBlue.net home page to monitor your bandwidth usage for the last 30 days.

How do I add the gadget?
Once you’re logged in, click “Add Stuff” on the right side of the WildBlue Start Page. The usage gadget is called “WildBlue Bandwidth Usage.”

Click here for detailed, step-by-step instructions (to see all the steps, click

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