The Pioneer Woman Vintage Floral Gadget Set, 20 Piece –

Everything that this set comes with is needed for a kitchen. Not all of them

Everything that this set comes with is needed for a kitchen. Not all of them are designed well, but the ideas for them are great. 20 pieces include a solid wood cutting board (13inches by 9inches). The cutting board should be hand washed since it is wood. A whisk, melamine measuring pitcher, 4 piece measuring spoons, 4 piece measuring cups, melamine resting spoon, a 4 piece silicone spatulas with wood handles (hand wash the wood handles), a 4 inch paring knife with sheath and a 6.5 inch knife with sheath. I really like that the knives come with sheath. It is so much safer in the knife drawer to keep the blades covered. I like the design on the side of the blade. I had never seen this before, and it adds character.

The spatulas are my favorite part of the set. 2 are straight edged and 2 are cupped. I love how easy it is to use the cupped spatula to get everything from the bottom of a bowl.

The measuring spoons are okay. Just average measuring spoons.

I do not like the measuring cups. The 1 cup and half cup markings for where full is, is down a little from the lip of the cup. When you fill the cup with a liquid or powder, you have to pour some out to get down to the line. This doesn’t make since. When I am measuring, I want to fill it up to the edge, and you can’t do that with these. What your measuring will go into the handle, because it is slightly lower and inside the lip of the edge. It is nice that there is a pouring edge to the measuring cup.

Everything in the set is nicely thought out and designed except the measuring cups.

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