California Psychics Review: Is it a Legit Psychic Website?

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I have used California Psychics’ services a few times and was pretty pleased with the results, but some small fixes should occur here and there to help it reach its full potential. To be fair, the number of psychics available for a Call or Chat intimate session is limited, and […]

I have used California Psychics’ services a few times and was pretty pleased with the results, but some small fixes should occur here and there to help it reach its full potential.

To be fair, the number of psychics available for a Call or Chat intimate session is limited, and 100% not extensive like Kasamba, which has psychics of all types, fields, and locations.

My review will evaluate and determine if is one of the best online psychic websites and worth checking out for per-minute destiny, love and relationship readings, et al, at an acceptable price.

What Happened During My First Call to California Psychics? Was the ‘Free Trial’ Honored?

Before I jump into the depths about the features, filters, let me rush to the juice of the article. The ultimate psychic question is: how was my phone call?

The first thing I want to say is the ‘Ask a Question’ section leads to the checkout page where the prices per minute are on display. During my call, the ‘free trial’ wasn’t even a factor. Therefore, making a payment is the name of the game. I don’t believe ‘free’ anything exists on this site, maybe I’m wrong, who knows.

However, many of the pages clicked lead to the checkout screen. So, it seems to me that you can’t ask a ‘free question’ or get a free reading without first making a payment. When an online psychic website forces that requirement kind of defeats the purpose of the ‘free’ stuff advertised. However, there’s a $20 free credit given to new customers who sign up for the Karma Rewards program.

The phone message states that you need to be 18 years or older to use their services. So, if any teenagers or kids want a psychic reading, they are out of luck. They have to wait until adulthood to get one.

The system will gladly accept credit and debit cards. All calls with a customer service rep are recorded, but the ones between you and the psychic are not. I like that sense of confidentiality and privacy because I like to share sensitive information with psychics. Even though I called the customer service number on a Sunday evening, a specialist was on the phone within 1 minute of waiting. That was lightning fast speed!

It seems you are required to talk with a customer service rep before connecting to a psychic. I’ve discovered that if you want to ‘ask the free question’, a minimum deposit of $20 for 20 minutes is required as part of a package deal. It’s the cheapest one they have. But the credits connect to your profile and can be used to Chat Now or Call anytime you’re signed into your account, without needing to talk with a customer rep.

When you click Chat Now or Call, a window pops up and money deduction starts. I would have to say, the system is very easy to work on.

My psychic was friendly, professional, and a deep thinker. She spoke real. Some things were generalities when you look deeply at the message, but other times they gave me readings based on my situation. They listened to me and gave me sound advice ultimately. I was thoroughly impressed and wondered what the $4/per minute psychic would give me. Since I’m strapped for cash, I guess we’ll never know.

California Psychics Review: Check Out the Homepage For A Second

The general vibe of a website can push a visitor away or attract them to explore the content further. California Psychics made sure to change the hue on the homepage wallpaper to exhibit a magical glow that gets you in the mood for a destiny life path reading. Spiritual comfort at its finest.

The homepage is full of information that looks cramped, therefore, makes it hard to keep up with a targeted purpose.

Check Out the Features – Where Should I Start?

There are a lot of features dancing around on the homepage, making it difficult to pinpoint where to get started. 

First things first, let me discuss the Search Bar because I can attest that most psychic reading websites, even the best ones, do not have that. This bar allows you to search through Cali Psychics’ network of psychics by name, phone extension, specialized topics, or titles they have given themselves. So, if you forget the name of a psychic, but remember bits and pieces about their profile, you can type any related characteristic or feature and find it with ease. That’s a huge benefit for people who have faint memories or find it difficult to retain or recall information.

Using the Introductory Offer to Help You Find Answers Now

Let me bypass the flesh and get to the jugular. Everyone wants to know about the prices, sign-up process, and every other important feature. As you have probably gathered, all psychics have a four-digit extension, which is a relief because it’s easy to remember those numbers. Psychics on some other websites have 5 or 6-digit extensions, which are harder to memorize.

The price to talk with a psychic varies. More experienced spiritual guides can charge $13/minute, but their service seems worth the price, while the others charge an affordable $5/minute with a more general delivery method. Either I am a lucky man or these deals are always on the site because some of the top-rated $5-per-minute psychics are offering discounts of only $1 per minute. This attractive pricing says either one of two things: the psychics care about helping people find answers and will do it for a price you can afford, or the website’s digital foot traffic is dryer than the Mojave Desert. The latter is a bad sign if a lot of people are not using their services, but the 1000+ testimonials on each psychic’s pages say otherwise. However, the amount of testimonials doesn’t seem fake and bought-for, which puts me at ease.

No matter the pricing, California psychic advisors each have professional photos with a photoshopped background. I guess portraits are required to give the image more personality. Each profile box shows the online status of the psychic, whether Available, Offline, or Busy. If a psychic is busy helping someone find their destiny, you can click Callback and request one for yourself. Your profile enters a queue and the guide will get back to you asap.

Some more communication options are by phone by calling 800-504-4569 and entering the extension or pressing the chat icon for instant messaging.

Is California Psychics Real, Accurate? Who Are They?

Based on my call, I believe they’re real. Maybe that’s why it’s such a ‘small’ number of them (under 100). Also, at first glance, I noticed the majority of California Psychics are women, which says a lot. Everyone generally knows that women are more intuitive spiritually than men, and seekers might trust them more, especially if they have a relatable ‘motherly’ energy. Some women have ‘soccer-mom’ faces and others have deep, spiritual eyes reaching the depths of their souls, but you can’t judge a book by its cover. All psychics, whether male or female, in the queue, have amassed a 4+-star rating. Some are Customer Picks and others are Staff Picks. The customer picks, I assume, are accurate because a lot of customers recommend that list of psychics. The staff picks seem like the real deal with near-perfect psychic abilities because they are the highest rated. I probably would trust the staff picks more if I need real answers and not just testing out their services out of curiosity.

Some psychics have offered their talents through the site since 2015 and have tens of thousands of readings under their belt. That’s an amazing number on top of the testimonials. These advisors seem like the real McCoy.

Their abilities include Empath, Clairaudient, Dream Analyst, Clairvoyant, Channeling, Clairsentient, Medium, etc. Various types of tools are used to do readings and help you find on your destiny life path. They include Pendulum, Tarot, Oracle Cards, Numerology, Astrology, and Crystals. Some profiles will actually say, ‘No Tools’, which I would not trust. I mean, some people use intuitive approaches only but I also like when the odds and factual information are used in my readings. I believe that intuitive psychics are found everywhere, but those who have analytical, logical minds shaped by institutional training make me feel more comfortable and secure with my reading. 

California Psychics topics:

  • Love
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • Life Path
  • Past Lives
  • Career and Work
  • Deceased Loved Ones
  • Missing Persons
  • Lost Objects

California Psychic styles:

  • Inspirational
  • Compassionate
  • Straightforward

A Deeper Look Into the California Profiles

The psychic profile page indicates the number of people in line to talk with someone, so you know how many people are ahead of you. Sometimes you’ll wait 30 minutes for a psychic because they are talking with someone else. You can book their services at a later date using a calendar schedule, by at least up to one week ahead.

What I don’t like is that many of the profiles give an overview of the person, but I don’t see much about their credentials. Kasamba has all the psychic’s information listed.

I believe the profile descriptions were written by someone at CaliforniaPsychics instead of by the psychic themselves, which puts me in an uneasy position. I like to read the words of a psychic to determine if I want to give them my time, money, and essentially, a piece of my life.

What I do like about the California Psychics site, however, is the promotional videos of the psychic. Not all psychic free reading websites have that. I always believe a video speaks a million words and makes all the difference in my choice of psychics.

More Goodies to Cover has several filters like choosing psychics according to their price, availability, staff picks, and more. Another goodie is the Blog where everything psychic-related is produced weekly. Articles are sorted into Mind, Body & Spirit, Destiny & Life Path, Career & Money sections, basically identical to psychics’ expertise.


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A Comment About Customer Care

California Psychics has local country code phone numbers to speak with a rep in English. Of course, creating a ticket and sending a simple question or comment is available too.

Are California Psychics Really From California?

I don’t see any information on their profiles that might show they are from California. I think “CaliforniaPsychics” is just a name.

California Psychics Features

  • Psychic readings as low as $1/minute
  • Mobile Apps for Google Play and Apple iTunes users
  • Several ways to contact a psychic: Call, Chat, and Call Back
  • A calendar to set a schedule to talk with a psychic

California Psychic Readings Pros

  • Mainly affordable psychics that aren’t risky
  • Easy to remember four-digit extensions
  • Search bar non-existent on other psychic websites Review: Cons

  • Cannot find information about free minutes or a free trial
  • Under 100 psychics available
  • Difficult to find information about their credentials
  • Expensive at 20 minutes for $80
  • Cannot confirm if psychics are only from California

Is California Psychics Worth Your Time?

It’s worth your time if you just want to test out the website. Kasamba would be the number one choice because the system is more extensive with a much higher number of psychics. But California psychics are good for people who like using a smaller network.

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