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 Need to know   Address : PO Box 5, Beecroft, N.S.W., Australia    Phone : 0409 010950       Fax : (02) 9868 1121     Email : [email protected] We can help your business with: SharePoint: We are authors […]

The Computer Information Agency

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Address : PO Box 5, Beecroft, N.S.W., Australia
    Phone : 0409 010950
       Fax : (02) 9868 1121
     Email : [email protected]

We can help your business with:

SharePoint: We are authors of a number of SharePoint and Office 365 publications including installable tutorial templates that help IT professionals install, configure and maintain SharePoint and Office 365 in a variety of environments. Through these types of investments in technology we can help your business not only implement SharePoint and Office 365 but also get it working productively in your business. Contact us or Read more…

Productivity: What would you say to saving at least one hour a day? With our smarter productivity training we guarantee to save people at least this every day through more effective email usage, better time management and more productive use of the technology tools you already have. We’ll show you how to make life easier not more complex. Contact us or  Read more…

Cloud computing: Do you really need a server in your business? Would a better option be to use services delivered from the Internet like Office 365? If you haven’t considered ‘outsourcing’ some of your technology to the ‘cloud’ then you may not appreciate the benefits it can offer. We can show you how powerful and cost effective online solutions can be. Contact us or  Read more… 

Training: When you need someone to help your business make the most of technology we can help. From Windows to Office and SharePoint to technologies including Twitter, Facebook, as well as gadgets like iPhones and iPads, we are ready to help with a tailored package to suit you. Contact us or Read more…

FREE Remote Consultation
The Computer Information Agency is proud to offer a FREE remote technology consultation via the Internet at a time that suits you. No matter where you are just complete the Contact us page to provide your details. We’ll then get in touch with you to schedule the free no obligation consultation.

SharePoint Starter Pack
For a fixed price we’ll get your business started with SharePoint. Become more productive in a shorter time with less cost using our Starter Pack. Contact us (Reseller enquiries welcome)

Company Overview:
Founded in 1995, the Computer Information Agency is a specialized technology consultancy in Sydney, Australia that focuses on assisting businesses and individuals improve their productivity using technology and smart business practices. The Computer Information Agency has high levels of experience in technologies such as Sharepoint, Windows Servers, including Microsoft Small Business Server, and desktop applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel and Onenote.
Contact us or Read more…

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