Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City Website Hints At A Bizarre And Terrifying Future

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CD Projekt Red’s Night City Wire series has given us some very comprehensive looks at the many details and facets of the main setting of Cyberpunk 2077. During their recent stream, the developers at CD Projekt Red unveiled a fully explorable website that focuses on Night City, which you can […]

CD Projekt Red’s Night City Wire series has given us some very comprehensive looks at the many details and facets of the main setting of Cyberpunk 2077. During their recent stream, the developers at CD Projekt Red unveiled a fully explorable website that focuses on Night City, which you can check out right now. Similar a real-world website for any major city, the official Night City website is way more blunt and candid about the current state of things, offering us some surprising details about life in the big, expansive locale–even if most of them are somewhat terrifying. It’s a cool bit of worldbuilding, and if you’re interested in Cyberpunk 2077, it’s a fun read to understand just how crazy the game’s setting is.

One of the more imaginative things about cyberpunk fiction is that it examines our present-day through an extrapolated lens, allowing us to look at our current issues in a different light. This site works well as a satire of capitalism and corporate greed, putting in similar territory to the satirical look at America in Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop, but it also does a lot to show what’s in store for players in the game once it releases on November 19. Here’s a quick look at some of the most interesting and bizarre details from Night City’s official website.

A Brief History Of Night City

One of the first features you’ll see on the site is a quick rundown on the history of Night City. Located on the west coast in Central and Northern California, Night City was first established by billionaire industrialist Richard Night. He would not live long enough to see the completion of the city, but his vision would continue on. In the year 2077, Night City is a massive city-state with its own government, law enforcement, currency, and communities that inhabit it. Violence, corruption, and capitalism are the norm in Night City, and 2077 looks to be the roughest year the place has seen yet. The mayor of Night City in 2077, Lucius Rhyne, even shared his thoughts on the state of things.

“The first time I ran for Night City Council, I burned through about a pair of Bandittos a week. I canvassed every street, alley and megabuilding in my district. I saw a lot and heard a lot more. By the end, I thought I knew everything there was to know about this city.When they showed me this site, I realized just how wrong I was. I almost feel bad revealing all of these secrets to you, visitors to and residents of our fine city. Luckily, there are plenty more you’ll have to discover for yourselves.” — Lucius Rhyne, Mayor of Night City

Getting Around In Night City

The official site has a quick explainer on the different ways to get around town. Despite its massive size, Night City is “surprisingly walkable,” according to the site. Every street in the city is named, making exploration a bit more manageable. If you want to get around fast, you can always take your car or motorcycle and drive around. During the 2060s, paid parking was banned from the city following rampant violence against contractors working for the company MeterMe!, which means you can park anywhere you like without any costs.

If you don’t have access to your car, you can also take cabs and NCart. The former is an AI-driven taxi service that will take you to where you want to go for a cost. NCart is the city’s public transport service, accessed at different points around town, and takes you to various stops around the city.

Keep Track Of The Carnage

Night City's Trauma Team are a heavily militarized version of present-day paramedics.
Night City’s Trauma Team are a heavily militarized version of present-day paramedics.

According to Night City’s media, the massive city-state has seen its crime-rate triple in the year 2077, putting it higher than the rest of the United States combined. There’s even a current death toll for the day at the very top of the main page.

Capitalism Remains Unchecked In 2077

Based on the many videos and details we’ve seen from Cyberpunk 2077, it’s clear that the citizens of Night City are continually being sold or taken advantage of by Big Business. Rampant, unchecked capitalism and the exploitation pushed by corporations has been a key cause for many of the world’s woes today, and things aren’t any better in the future world of Night City. The site for Night City features countless ads for expensive products, some of which are for everyday things we have in abundance today, such as Real Water (with a trademark). This insight also gives us a look at how problems like radiation, indoor pollution, and mutation are the norm in 2077. And that’s terrifying.

Pop-Up Ads Are More Annoying And Unsettling In The Future

On that note, advertising in 2077 seems much more invasive and annoying in 2077. In addition to seeing ads for products like Arasaka home security, which show off holographic samurai guards watching over you as you sleep, we also see commercials for attorneys on call if you have problems with those pesky instances of mutation or malfunctioning cyberware. To offset this despair, slightly, we also have ads for food products like bagged tacos, the aforementioned Real Water, and packaged burritos made from “in vitro” synthetic beef.

See The Sights In Night City

There are many places to explore in Night City.
There are many places to explore in Night City.

The site also includes a quick explainer on life in Night City’s many districts, which consists of a fairly blunt description of the locale and its troubles, along with its NCPD Threat Level analysis. Here are some brief excerpts from the site for Santa Domingo and Pacifica. Head over to the official page for more detailed descriptions on every district.

Santa Domingo: “In Arroyo, Santo Domingo’s industrial heartland, the discarded husks of belly-up factories dot the landscape and have unfortunately attracted the usual bottom-feeding criminals and degenerates.”

NCPD Threat Level For Santa Domingo: “WARNING: The NCPD has issued a warning about a vigilante force active in Santo Domingo known as the 6th Street Gang. Though the veterans who fill its ranks claim they protect their neighborhood from hostiles, the NCPD has received numerous reports of their involvement in typical gang activities, including but not limited to protection rackets and armed robbery.”

Pacifica: “Before you step foot into Pacifica, close your eyes and imagine boutiques with products for every demographic, pop-up cyberware clinics, and amidst them all, throngs of happy tourists spending their hard-earned eurodollars, having the time of their lives.Now open your eyes. What do you see? Crippling poverty? Crumbling infrastructure? Rampant gang violence? And nothing more? Then you, my friend, lack vision. Other, more far-sighted observers see in Pacifica pure potential. With proper investment and robust eviction measures, it may once more become Night City’s premier tourist destination.”

NCPD Threat Level For Pacifica: “WARNING: “The Night City Police Department’s current threat level for Pacifica is: CATASTROPHIC. In the absence of city authorities, criminal groups control it, specifically the Voodoo Boys. Members of this gang’s clothing and body modifications often make reference in some way to the vodou religion—hence the reason Night City locals seem to have revived the “Voodoo Boys” name of an earlier, unrelated gang. Furthermore, frequent attacks by “Scavengers” mean many who enter Pacifica leave without vital organs or prized implants.”

It’s An Election Year

If things didn’t seem bleak enough for Night City, you’ll be surprised to know that 2077 is also an important year for the city’s government. The position of mayor is up for grabs in 2077, and among the candidates is Weldon Holt. He is backed by current mayor Lucius Rhyne and has plastered ads on the site.

Climate Change Has Really Messed Things Up

Many of the locales in Night City are left in ruin following neglect and a damaged ecosystem.
Many of the locales in Night City are left in ruin following neglect and a damaged ecosystem.

As a reminder, the cyberpunk genre is an extrapolation of our present times, and one of 2020’s issues–climate change–is also a grave concern in the future. With the growing CO2 emissions and constant use of fossil fuels across the world, it’s put our current ecosystem at risk of collapse. 2077 examines this in a way that appears terrifying while also banal. In addition to a brief look at the outskirts of Night City, which is a desolate wasteland populated by nomads, we also see how mass migration has pushed people to more populated areas, resulting in massive unemployment and homelessness. It’s a scary thing, and Night City in 2077 treats it as the norm for everyday life.

Arasaka Is Everywhere

According to Cyberpunk lore, the corporation Arasaka is the world’s most influential and ever-present company. Dealing in arms and civilian products has allowed it to become a mainstay worldwide, and it has an especially strong influence in Night City. Many of the advertisements on the site show off their growing influence, which includes work as a private security force in Africa. In the main game, you’ll have the option to choose the Corpo life path, which starts you off as an Arasaka agent. Eventually, you’ll be cast out of the company and be put on their bad side for the remainder of the game.

That was a quick look at the website for Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City. Be sure to check out the site for yourself to see more details and info about the game’s main setting. And for more on Cyberpunk 2077, be sure to check out GameSpot’s Cyberpunk 2077 lore series, focusing on key characters like Johnny Silverhand and how Arasaka came to be.

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