Inspector Gadget Costume With Motorized Helicopter : 15 Steps (with Pictures)

To make this costume, you need:

Thrifted, found or borrowed:
– a gray or beige trench coat
– a blue necktie
– a white collared shirt
– blue pants (I wore jeans)
– mens’ dress shoes (it looks properly cartoonish if they are a bit too big)
– brown gloves (I wore my work gloves)

(These will get destroyed, so don’t borrow them)
– a classic fedora (~$3-$8) (If you can’t thrift it, get a cheap foam one from a costume shop.) Brown, gray or beige will look gadget-astic.
– a 1980s-era battery operated shoe polisher with detachable heads (~$3)
(check on ebay if you can’t thrift it – get one like this)
– two old bike grips (see if a local bike shop has some they don’t want)

From the hardware store:
– two 3′ long, 1/2″ diameter aluminum tubes (~$8 each)
– glossy orange spray paint (~$5-7)

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