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Engineering Engineering A flying robot reveals how birds stay aloft and could inspire next-generation drones 6 hours ago — Jim Daley Aerospace Aerospace Originally published in June 1904 April 9, 2020 Medical & Biotech Medical & Biotech The new method may be faster and easier than other genetic storage attempts […]


April 9, 2020

Medical & Biotech

April 8, 2020 — Charles Q. Choi

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Inspector Gadget (character) | Inspector Gadget Wiki

“Wowsers!“ ―Gadget’s most common catchphrase[src] “Don’t worry, Chief! I’m always on duty!“ ―Gadget’s other catchphrase[src] “He’s the best agent I’ve got!”“And the only uncle I’ve got!“ ―Chief Quimby and Penny[src] Inspector Gadget, is the titular protagonist of the franchise of the same name. He is Penny’s uncle, one of Brain’s […]