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Technology is discussed thoroughly in our previous article. But apart from that, there are plenty types of technology around us. We all utilize technology for different purposes in different forms. So, we can’t depend just on a single kind of technology to live. So, it is essential to be aware […]

Types of Technology

Technology is discussed thoroughly in our previous article. But apart from that, there are plenty types of technology around us. We all utilize technology for different purposes in different forms. So, we can’t depend just on a single kind of technology to live. So, it is essential to be aware of the technology categories in order to stay updated with the latest arrivals on the tech industry. So, we prepared this list for you to help you determine between different tech gadgets and services and to know which tech category they belong to.

Types of Technology

We can’t say like there are 3 types of technology or 5 types of technology. It varies, and different experts will give different answers. However, we can determine the best out of them and conclude some of the best technology types to have a quick idea. We listed such items below alongside the examples of technology which refers. Have a look.

Medical Technology

Types of Medical Technology

Medical Technology is a crucial and most important variety of technology. It involves the machinery and services related to the medical science powered by the technology. There are different types of medical technologies such as instruments to analyze diseases, gadgets for reducing pain, and instruments for treating and curing diseases. All are helpful to protect human from dangerous viruses and bacteria thus improving the lifespan. Some of the medical technology equipment are given below.

  • Stethoscope: The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device. It is used for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of the human body without undergoing any surgeries or advanced treatments. Stethoscopes are also being used in animals for treatment.
  • Nebulizer: It is used to provide medical drugs via a mist inhaled into the lungs. This is one of the most common medical equipment seen in most of the hospitals.

Assistive Technology

Categories of Technology Assistive

Assistive technology is also a recognized form of technology which helps people with disabilities by assisting them to do particular tasks. As we already know it is extremely difficult for the people with leg problems to walk, people with hearing problems to listen to us, people with blindness to see what we see. The assistive tech gadgets help them to have all the abilities a normal person has either by fitting to their body or as external accessories. For example, the automated self-controlled wheelchair is a perfect example of assistive technology. Here are some more examples.

  • Hearing aids: It can improve the hearing ability of deaf people to a great extent. In some advanced devices, the people can hear almost near as a normal person could. This helps them to live a normal life like a normal person without any disabilities. It can be attached to the ear as you can see in the image below.
    Hearing aids
  • Scooters with extra wheels: Unlike the wheelchairs which only allows traveling inside the home or a particular location, there are different types of self-balancing scooters are available on the market. They will come with two extra wheels which helps to ride it like a car. Persons with physical disabilities can take advantage of this.
    Scooters with extra wheels

Entertainment Technology

Entertainment Technology Variant

In this technology categories list, the entertainment technology would probably have the widest collection of members in it. It ranges from the computer speakers on your desk to the guitar in your music class. These tech gadgets provide great relaxation to the people with their wide collection. This tech category is used to build video games, setup theaters, produce movies and many more entertainment stuff all around us. It is very difficult to avoid this technology type in our day to day life. Here we provided some of the entertainment technology devices.

  • Guitar: Guitar is one of the most popular musical instrument out there. The pleasant sound it produces is capable of providing incredible relaxation to the users.
  • Headphones Unlike speakers, headphones keeps all the sound inside it and exhibits it directly to the ears. Any external disturbances will affect the quality of the listening as well as the headphone music playback will not be hearable from the outside environment.

Productivity Technology

Technology Method to Improve Productivity

This is one of the types of technology used in a business. It includes various gadgets and tech stuff that helps to improve the productivity of a business or other types of firms. It enhances the occupational activities such as mining, manufacturing, fishing, etc. by helping out people in completing various tasks. It also consists of software tools and other intangible parts which help the hardware to function properly by accepting the instructions of the users. Business technology has great relevance when it comes to the industrial level production of goods and materials. Below are some of the examples of productivity technology.

  • 3D Printers: It helps designers to produced real-life 3D objects by printing the 3D design created using the software. This is one of the most advanced technologies which has a great relevance in providing 3D models of objects.3D Printers

Teaching Technology

Teching Technology Types

The Teaching technology is also one of the most important types of educational technology. There are different types of technology in the classroom from the digital whiteboard to the presentation projector. So, for a smart tech school, implementing such things is necessary to grab the attention of the students all the time without making them bored. Teaching technology includes various gadgets as well as apps and software. The apps have a crucial role in providing customized learning materials to the students and teaching materials to the teachers. Here are some of the examples for teaching technology.

  • Apps that limit access to specific sections of the devices: As we’ve mentioned in our previous article on advantages and disadvantages of technology, the educations gadgets can be utilized for entertainment purpose also. To prevent this, there are plenty of apps available on the play store as well as in the iTunes store. The SureLock Kiosk Lockdown and the OurPact – Parental Control & Screen Time Manager are two good examples.Apps to Limit Access
  • Customized tablets: Numerous governmental organizations produce customized tablets for students. They will have certain limitations which will increase their productivity as a student.Custom Made Tablets

Communication Technology

Different Types of Technology Communication

Communication is one of the most essential factors in this modern technology era. No matter how far or how near you are from the receiver, today’s communication advancements can deliver any voice or video calls without any interruptions. The 3G, 4G and now 5G technologies are keeping to improve with boosted speeds and efficient transfer. Mobiel phones, computers, fax, emails, text messaging tools, etc. are all the examples of the communication technologies in our daily life. However, the list elongates unlimitedly.

  • Smartphones: Smartphones utilizes the cellular networks to send and receive communication signals from the nearest towers. It is one of the widely used and popular communication technologies out there.Smartphones
  • Email: Email is an internet based communication technology which familiar to most of the internet users. The speed of transportation makes it reliable than the Fax and other communication methods.

Information Technology

Kinds of Technology IT

Information technology is a familiar type of technology to us. It is a set of hardware and software which helps to store information and access them based on a set of instructions provided by the users. Information technology is widely used to automate systems accurately and thus increase the productivity to a great extent. Organizations use this for improving their customer support services and earn reputations in the industry. Even Banks are working utilizing the information technology tools.

  • Automated Backup Systems: The automated backup systems will backup the files on a selected drive or system to make sure that the files will be safe in case of any hardware failure or virus attacks. The backups will run on a regular basis like Hourly (For highly secure system), Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.
    Automated Backup Systems

Now, you know the different kinds of technology and examples. As mentioned already, it is not possible to list all of the tech categories and their examples. Because, they range from the little keyboard on your desk to the fastest car in the world. So, have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the technology to have a better idea.

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