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Internet advertising, also known as online advertising or web advertising may be one of the most effective advertising methods used, as it provides the ability to target specific markets while they are surfing the Internet. However, the effectiveness of an internet advertising campaign is only as good as the ads. […]

Internet advertising, also known as online advertising or web advertising may be one of the most effective advertising methods used, as it provides the ability to target specific markets while they are surfing the Internet.

However, the effectiveness of an internet advertising campaign is only as good as the ads.

A powerful
ad is one of the most important aspects of your success. And, the secret to a
successful ad is your HEADLINE. You only have a split second to grab your
targets attention. Your potential customer will most likely scan the ads
and only read one if it catches their attention. Write your ads with passion,
excitement, and benefits.

Use this powerful approach when creating your ad copy.


-Attention -Grab your targets


Interest Create curiosity


Detail Provide details


-Action Call for action

Create an
urgency to act now. Creating a successful ad will take a great
deal of time and effort. You’ll need to write
it and re-write it over and over again before you come up with
a great ad.

We all know the importance of a powerful headline. However, writing a great
headline isn’t as easy as it sounds.

An effective headline will literally force your potential customers to learn
more. It will instantly ignite a certain emotion and intrigue them to read

In order to write an effective headline, you must learn how to use specific
words to achieve a specific reaction.

Before writing your headline, you must first learn a little bit about the
basic human motivators. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, human behavior
is always
the result of one or more of five basic needs. He listed these needs in a
sequence that he refers to as “the hierarchy of human needs.”

He believes that until a less important need is met there won’t be any desire
to pursue a more important need. Below are the five human motivators, beginning
with the basic needs and continuing to the most important needs.

Physiological – Basic human needs include hunger, thirst, shelter,
clothing and sex.
Safety (Security) – Human need for physical, emotional and financial
Social (Affiliation) – Human need for love, affection, companionship
and acceptance.
Esteem (Self Esteem) – Human need for achievement, recognition, attention
and respect.
Self-actualization – Human need to reach their full potential.

When you are aware of the basic human needs, you can incorporate these needs
into your writing. A great headline will appeal to your potential customers’
emotions. You must feel their needs, wants and desires and write your headlines
with passion and emotion.

When writing your headlines, keep in mind, you only have a few seconds to
grab your potential customers’ attention. If your headline doesn’t immediately
catch their attention, they’ll simply move on and never return. Below are
different formulas used by professional copywriters to write compelling

How to

“How to Increase Your Sales Up to 500% by Using This
One Simple Strategy”

Headlines beginning with ‘how to’ are very successful, as the Internet is
all about information. Internet users have a strong desire to learn. A headline
beginning with ‘how to’ immediately grabs your potential customers’ attention
and forces them to read on.


“Are You Sick and Tired of Working For Someone

Headlines written in the form of a question are very effective, as they appeal
to your potential customers’ emotions. When they read a headline written
as a question, they’ll answer the question in their mind. If the question
identifies a specific need, want or desire, they’ll read on.


“Double Your Income Within the Next 12 months —

A command headline focuses on the most important benefit your product or
service has to offer. It instantly demands your potential customers’ attention
and intrigues them to read on.


“Announcing a Brand New Breakthrough in

News headlines are very effective and used to announce new products and services.
They are written in the form of an announcement or introduction and create


“Internet Marketing Exclusive is Pure Genius — Our
Sales Have Increased by 40%!”

Headlines written in the form of a testimonial are very effective, as they
instantly begin building trust.

When writing your headlines, certain words, when combined together, will
literally draw your readers’ attention to your ad. Below are of few of these
“Power Words” that consistently work.


to a Yale University study, the following words
are the most powerful words in the English language.


as certain words ignite different emotions, certain
subjects have a broader interest than others do. Some of
the most popular subjects include wealth, love, health
and safety.

Take your time and try the different formulas according to
your needs. Use a combination of the power words and write
a headline that sells. By learning the art of writing headlines
that focus on the basic human needs and emotions, you can
increase your sales

Testing and Tracking Your

and implementing a strategic marketing plan is an essential part of your
success. However, unless you’re testing and tracking your strategies, you
may be losing a great deal of time and money.

You can dramatically increase your sales simply by taking the time to test
and track your results. Not only will it help you to determine what’s working
and what’s not, but it will also enable you to focus your efforts on the
strategies that produce results.

When testing your marketing strategies, keep in mind, a strategy that produces
results for one person may not produce results for you. There is no ‘set
in stone’ strategy that works for everyone. You must develop your own style
and technique and test your results to determine what works for you. Below
are some ad tracking resources to assist you in your testing and tracking

Ad Tracking CGI Scripts


If you’re looking for a simple way to track clickthroughs, then LnkinLite
may be your answer. This free script will enable you to easily keep track
of the number of clicks a specific link receives. Instead of using your standard
link within your advertising, you can use a link created by this script.
It will track the number of clickthroughs and instantly redirect your visitors
to your URL.


This powerful script is a link creator, tracker, disguiser and manager all
in one. It will enable you to create uniquely coded links that redirect to
any URL you specify
and count all hits and referrals.


This script will enable you to set up an entire ad tracking campaign including
statistical reports for referring URLs, what browsers your visitors have
installed, what operating systems your visitors are using and much more.

Ad Tracking Services


A free service that tracks the clickthrough rates of your links. In addition
to tracking your links, LinkCounter hides the URL of the link destination.
This will prevent users from removing or changing your affiliate ID when
visiting an affiliate site through your link.


The PRO version of HyperTracker contains a number of advanced features including:
unlimited advertising campaigns, tracking of sales and actions, special scripts
that let you promote your own website address in your campaigns and much


An online tracking system that will enable you to track an entire advertising
campaign. It will enable you to see how many visitors were generated by each
of your ads, keep track of sales that were generated by each ad and calculates
cost-per-click, cost-per-sale, and click-to-sale ratios for each ad.

Testing and tracking your strategies is an essential part of doing business.
By concentrating your efforts on strategies that produce results, you can
not only increase your sales, but you’ll also save yourself a great deal
of time and money.

Ezine Advertising

Ezine advertising
is an effective form of advertising used on the Internet. Many
ezines sell ad space that may include sponsor ads and/or solo ads. However,
solo ads will produce the best results.

Visit the Directory
of Ezines
for a complete list of publications.

Sponsor Ads

Another great way to promote your products and services is to run sponsor
ads in ezines.

Below, is a list of large, highly responsive publications that accept sponsor
advertising. Please note, prior to spending any major money, make sure you
always test your ads first. A good way to do this is to start out
by running an ad in AIM. They offer ad space reasonably priced for just this
purpose. Once you have an ad that’s pulling a good response rate, you can
then buy a more expensive ad.

Active Internet Marketer (AIM)

DEMC E-Magazine

Web Marketing Today

Advertising Resources

Login Page
Place your 40 word text ad in front of thousands of ClickBank
affiliates for 700.00 per month. This provides massive exposure.

Enables you to manage your own account, with ads sold on a
cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. There’s no minimum deposit required. Your
ads appear on the right side of the Google search results pages.

Adwords Select
™ Enables you to manage your own account, and with
cost-per-click (CPC) pricing, you pay only when users click on your ad. You
control your costs by setting a daily budget for what you are willing to
spend each day.

is the Internet’s Search Engine for Ezine Advertisers.
Their database includes Email Newsletters and Discussion Lists that accept
sponsorship and/or classified ads.
Google Adwords

If you’re looking
for a low-cost, yet highly effective means of advertising your products and
services, then Google AdWords may be your answer.

Google AdWords provides a simple way to purchase highly targeted advertising,
regardless of your budget. Unlike other sites selling banner ad space and
pay-per-ranking, AdWords provides advertisers with highly effective text
ads that are displayed with the search results. Studies have shown that highly
targeted keyword advertising produces an average of four times the industry
standard clickthrough rate.

Google, one of the premier Search Engines, receives over 29 million searches
each day. Their popularity most likely stems from the speed and accuracy
of their search results. Needless to say, placing your text ad with Google
Adwords will be a highly effective way to advertise your products and

In many cases, text ads perform better than banner ads.
What better way to target your audience than through a popular Search Engine?
Your potential customer is there for a reason — they’re looking for something.
When a Google visitor types in their keywords, they are almost instantly
presented with their search results. On the right side of the results are
colored text boxes containing targeted advertisements that match their search

When you place your ad with AdWords, you will have the ability to select
a list of tightly targeted keywords including all of the following:

Keyword Matching – Shows your ad when a search includes your selected

Phrase Matching – Shows your ad when a search includes your selected

Exact Query Matching – Shows your ad when a search contains your exact keywords
and no others.

Negative Keyword Matching – Will not show your ad if a search contains certain
words you select.

This unique targeting technique will enable you to create a highly targeted
ad campaign and test your ads with a high rate of accuracy. What’s more,
you can even target your ads to a specific country or language.

The great thing about advertising with Google AdWords is that you will have
complete control over your ad and how much you’d like to spend. You can open
an account with a credit card with no minimum deposit required. Once you
place your ad, it can begin running almost immediately.

In order to increase your clickthrough rate and spend less money, try to
select keywords and phrases that specifically target the product or service
you’re offering. Avoid using common words, as these will use up your ad displays
rapidly. Instead, select words that specifically target your product or service.
For example, instead of using a general keyword like ‘dogs,’ use a keyword
that focuses on something specific, such as ‘dog grooming’ or ‘dog training.’ In addition, make sure you use your
keyword phrase (search term) within the title of your ad. This will increase
your clickthrough rate considerably.

When you set up your account with Google, make sure you use a different ad
for each search term. Not only will this increase your ad’s relevance in
the search results, but it will also increase your clickthrough rate.

Once you place your ad, you can easily track your ad’s response rate and
make adjustments instantly. This is a great, low-cost way to find out which
ads are performing the best.

Google AdWords provides Internet marketers with a cost-effective alternative
to banner advertising. If you want to increase your traffic and sales, give
AdWord a try — you’ll be glad you did.

For further information, visit Google AdWords:

Although this article provides some basic Internet advertising information, there are many more opportunities available. Make sure you take some time to educate yourself before you begin.


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